Tropical Water Slide 31'L X 15'W X 16H

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31'L x 15'W x 16'H 

This large jumper needs a minimum of 40 inches wide space from the delivery truck to your set-up location.

FULLY INSURED JUMPERS, BOUNCERS AND SLIDES!  Because we believe that safety comes first. 

What a fun way to climb and slide with getting wet at the same time. This 16' water slide, made with blue, orange, green and red colors will keep kids as well as adults entertained for hours and hours. The slide was custom made and has an extra top layer at the end of the pool to keep the water in.

SETUP: We charge an additional $25.00 delivery / set up fee for all jumpers and slides. This fee is necessary for the added work involved with delivering and preparing for a set up.

Please note that due to insurance reasons, the 16' Water Slide will need to be picked up before dark on the day of your party.

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